Frequently asked questions ( FAQ)

1. How do I use LoveBosh?

To buy products on LoveBosh you have two options

1. Create an online account on the site, load the products you like into the online shopping cart and checkout from the shopping cart

2. You can load products into the shopping cart and checkout as a guest shopper...yipee

2. How do I pay for what I am buying?

You have the option of paying via a credit card, we accept, VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards or if you don’t have a credit card, you can sign up for PayPal and use your debit card for purchase.

For Botswana customers we also have Orange Money or Pay to Cell for FNBB account holders

 3. After placing an order do I get confirmation?

Absolutely, once you place an order you will get an email confirmation that will have a list of the products you bought together with their prices, like an invoice.

 4. Can I edit my order?

You can edit it as much as you like while it’s in the shopping bag, but after checkout, you wont be able to edit or amend your order.

 5. When do I get my order?

After placing an order, it will be shipped within 3 days and you will get it within another 3-7 days depending on the courier service. Keep in mind the weather and weekends- We don’t ship on weekends; therefore if you place an order on Friday, it can only ship out on Monday!

6. Where do you ship?

We currently ship within Botswana and to other SADC countries

7. Hey! I have received an item and I don’t want it anymore, what can I do?

 We are sorry to hear, check out our return policy here https://lovebosh.com/return

8. Hey! I am not happy about your service, what should I do?

While we promise to be on our best behavior at all times, we know some things take more than our super duper website to sort issues out, contact us at info@lovebosh.com

We aim to give you the great service you deserve


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